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[V Report] Momoland promotes ‘Lalaland’

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Updated : January 03 2017

Broadcast date: Jan. 2
Starring: Momoland, Cast of “The King”


(Naver V app)
The rookie group’s members recently visited the Sinchon branch of the theater chain Megabox to promote the musical film “Lalaland.”

For one day, the six of them worked behind the ticketing counters and at the food stall.

Nancy and AhIn were assigned to the ticketing desk, Jane and Hyebin to the popcorn stall and Nayun and Joe to man the entrance.

Nancy joked that she would give separate seats to every couple that came, to help them fully focus on the movie. Nancy’s favorite genre of movies is musicals.

Jane and Hyebin have opposite tendencies when it comes to watching movies. Jane prefers not to find out anything about movies beforehand, while Hyebin likes to know as much as possible about the movies before watching them, in order to follow their plot closely.

After successfully manning the booths, they visited the hall which was screening “Lalaland” to greet moviegoers.

Cast of “The King”

The cast of the upcoming movie “The King” hosted an hourlong live V broadcast Monday to talk about their roles and the movie’s plot.

Actors Jo In-sung, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Seong-woo and Ryu Jun-yeol as well as the film’s director Han Jae-rim introduced themselves and the experience they had while shooting for the political film.

Jo In-sung, Jung Woo-sung, Bae Seong-woo, Ryu Jun-yeol, Han Jae-rim (Naver V app)
“‘The King,’ contrary to what some many assume, is not a difficult story. When you come right down to it, it’s about a group of men who are ambitious and greedy for power,” said the director, who wrote the film’s synopsis himself.

Jo, who plays the main character Park Tae-soo, was exactly who Han was looking for.

“Tae-soo has his eyes and heart fixed on power. His character is neither too serious nor too light, I had to strike a balance,” said Jo, who recently celebrated the 18th anniversary since his debut.

Park gets his break through Jung Woo-sung’s character Han Gang-shik.

“Gang-shik is a symbol of distorted power,” Jung said, “He is who Tae-soo looks up to and idolizes.”

“If you look closely, you’ll see that his character is a satire on the comical, corrupt side of power,” Jung added.

Actors of "The King" play funny next to emcee Park Gyung-rim (Naver V app)
Bae’s character Yang Dong-cheol is Gang-shik’s second-in-command. He does not hesitate to do anything to move up the ladder, even if it involves betrayals or abandoning self-respect.

Ryu’s character Choi Doo-il is the high school best friend of Park.

The cast discussed the memorable moments they shared as a team as well as the hardships they overcame.

The hourlong broadcast is up for replay on the V Movie channel.

“The King” is slated for release on Jan. 18.

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