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[V Report] Actor Joo Won holds talk session at Seoul’s Bugak Skyway

  • Published : Oct 8, 2016 - 11:00
  • Updated : Oct 8, 2016 - 11:00

Broadcast date: Oct. 7
Starring: Joo Won, HyunA, NCT Dream

Joo Won


South Korean actor Joo Won held a talk session via V app on Friday night while overlooking the night scenery of Seoul from the Palgakjeong Pavillion at the top of the Bukgak Skyway.

Joo Won and his three of his close friends, including actor Min Jin-woong, who is now starring in the Korean drama “Drinking Solo,” talked about new developments in their lives as well as personal worries while walking around the Bukgak Mountain.

“Though there are a lot of couples or families that visit the Bukgak Skyway, the four of us (who are all single) come here quite often,” Joo Won said.

“These days, I’m going around diverse cities outside of Seoul to shoot scenes for my new upcoming drama. All of the actors and actresses have been working hard. We hope that many of you will be excited about the drama,” the actor said.

Joo Won is currently starring in the new SBS drama “My Sassy Girl” which will depict a romance in the Chosun era. The drama is set for release next year.

When asked about his biggest worries, Joo Won said he was most concerned about excelling at his role as an actor as well as prepping for the future.

“Even as a kid, I used to always be worried about the future. Since I was in middle school, I would worry about whom I would marry and how to raise a family,” he said. “Though there is still no clear answer, I now have a better grip of the direction I should take than I did before.”

The Korean actor wrapped up the day’s broadcast by wishing all Korean high school students luck for the national college entrance exam, the Suneung, scheduled for Nov. 17.

“I hope you will do your best in the Suneung while maintaining a relaxed attitude,” he said.



HyunA of K-pop girl group 4Minute unveiled behind-the-scenes footage of her solo fan meetings in Asia through the V app on Friday.
During her fan meeting in Taiwan on Sept. 4, HyunA performed many of her old and new hits such as “Roll Deep,” “Red” and “Change.” She also took pictures and spoke with her local fans.

HyunA recalled being unable to untie her hair during a dance sequence during a backstage interview held after the concert. “I experienced a lot of trouble trying to untie my hair. It was quite startling,” she said.

Scenes of HyunA’s fan meeting held in Shanghai on Sept. 17 were also shared via the Friday broadcast, during which HyunA and fans danced to the singer’s hit singles.

“It was really tiring, but so much fun,” HyunA said after the Shanghai concert.

NCT Dream


K-pop boy group NCT Dream unveiled a hover board performance video of its latest single “Chewing Gum” via the V app on Friday night.
Dressed in colorful boyish attire, the seven members of NCT are seen each riding on a hover board, twisting and turning in time to the song in an indoor space.

They switch between moving around on hover boards and performing their flagship dance moves on foot in the newly-released music video.

In a separate broadcast, the members of NCT Dream discussed the difficulties they experienced in learning to ride the hover boards, as well as what they had been up to lately.

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By Sohn Ji-young (jys@heraldcorp.com)

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