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[V Report Plus] Kim Go-eun, Youn Yuh-jung and SHINee’s Min-ho to go live

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Updated : May 01 2016

Actresses Kim Go-eun and Youn Yuh-jung, singer-actor Choi Min-ho of SHINee and actor Kim Hee-won will be appearing on the V app to talk about their new film “Canola.”

The cast members will hold a special movie talk, hosted by portal Naver, on Monday at 9 p.m.

“Aren’t you curious about the special story between haneyo (female diver) grandmother and her ignorant granddaughter?” Kim said on a trailer of the broadcast released on the app. “We will unveil many special clips and tell you behind-the-scenes stories. So please be excited.”

Choi Min-ho (left) and Kim Go-eun (Nanda Kinda)
The film centers on Gye-choon, a grandmother played by Youn, and her granddaughter Hye-ji, played by Kim Go-eun. Hye-ji returns home to Jejudo Island after disappearing for 12 years. Gye-choon does not know what happened during the years that her granddaughter went missing, but she is happy to have her back.

The film, directed by Yoon Hong-seung, will be released on May 19.

Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit

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