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5 Korean stars take on online trolls in 2016

  • Published : Jan 21, 2016 - 15:34
  • Updated : Jan 21, 2016 - 15:34

More and more Korean celebrities are taking the matter of online rumors and malicious comments seriously, and taking legal actions.

The year has barely begun, but already a stars or their agencies are attempting to file lawsuit against online trolls.

Lee Jung-jae, Kim Jun-su, Ray Yang, Ryu Jun-yeol, Seo Ye-ji (from left, OSEN)
Malicious comments about stars -- including sexual remarks, groundless rumors and insults -- have long been a phenomenon at home and abroad. However, only recently has it become the norm for Korean stars to respond with legal action: lawsuit against online trolls on charges of defamation.

Korean stars used to take milder actions, meeting those responsible in person and forgiving them, which sometimes improved the stars’ image.

However, the stars appear to have come to the conclusion that forgiveness is not the perfect solution.

Actress Seo Ye-ji, who stars in KBS’ fantasy TV drama series “Moorim School,” has suffered from a series of online assaults. Since “the degree of mental damage she feels by online sexual harassment grows,” the 25-year-old rookie actress’s agency Made in Chan said Wednesday that it would take legal measures if the attack persists.

Seo Ye-ji (OSEN)

TV personality and Miss Korea Ray Yang, 28, said in a Korean entertainment program aired Friday that she needed plastic surgery on her face after being hit by a motorcycle in her adolescence. Yang added it took at least two years to fully recover.

However, an online comment said Yang was not “hit” by the motorcycle, but she was “on the back” of the bike. Both Yang and the driver were delinquent students, the comment added.

Her agency Tovis Media said Monday that Yang’s family suffered from such rumors and it would discuss with Yang on taking legal action.

(Ray Yang's Instagram)

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol, 29, played Jung-hwan in the TV series “Reply 1988” that garnered nationwide attention. However, Ryu was said to be disrespectful to junior staffs on location of the TV series, according to online rumors.

The budding actor’s agency C-Jes Entertainment posted on social media Monday it would take stern action against rumors, calling them “crimes,” and asked Ryu’s fans to report any groundless rumors related to him.

Ryu Jun-yeol (At Style)

Singer Kim Jun-su, member of vocal trio JYJ, admitted on Jan. 1 that he was dating Korean girl group EXID member Hani. However, malicious comments cursing their relationship, some of which sexually harassed both, persisted.

C-Jes Entertainment is reportedly seeking criminal charges against netizens who attacked its musician, but it told The Korea Herald that the litigation process is still underway.

Kim Jun-su (OSEN)

Veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, 43, admitted in 2015 that he had been dating a scion of a conglomerate. C-Jes Entertainment’s Lee decided on November 2015 to sue Internet trolls. Earlier in January, a prosecutor put 10 Web users under summary indictment and suspended 20 users’ indictment

Lee Jung-jae (OSEN)

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)