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Sandara Park becomes beauty queen in new rom-com

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Updated : November 03 2015

Sandara Park of girl group 2NE1 on Tuesday released a photo of her wearing a red dress, ahead of the premiere of KBS drama “Missing Korea.”

In the photo, Park, with full-makeup and voluminous hair, is wearing a formal red dress and posing like a beauty queen in a pageant. She is also holding the script for the drama “Missing Korea,” asking fans to watch her new show.

Sandara Park (YG Entertainment)
Rom-com drama “Missing Korea” is set in the fictional year of 2020, when North and South Korea hold their first-ever Miss Korea pageant. Park plays North Korean representative Lee Yeon-hwa for the event.

Singer-turned-actor Kim Jeong-hoon will join the cast as the pageant organizer.

The six-episode series will be broadcasted via Naver TV Cast, starting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and continue on Wednesday and Thursday. On KBS1 TV the show will hit the air at midnight on Nov. 13.

By Ahn Sung-mi (

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