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So Ji-sub makes a cameo in ‘The Throne’

  • Published : Sept 2, 2015 - 14:55
  • Updated : Sept 2, 2015 - 14:55

(Show Box)
South Korean actor So Ji-sub is set to make a cameo in the movie “The Throne” without getting paid, a local film distributor Showbox on Wednesday.

So is slotted for the role of King Jeongjo who had to witness the tragic death of his father, Crown Prince Sado.

In a photo released by the distributor, So looks rather gloomy during his coronation ceremony.

(Show Box)
So said in an interview, “I just think the role itself is important no matter how trivial it is. It has been a wonderful experience working with director Lee Joon-ik.” So is going to appear in only three scenes but the impact of his appearance is expected to be huge.

Meanwhile, Lee said the role So plays is important. “I wanted to show people that link between these three characters, Crown Prince Sado, his dad King Yeongjo and son Jeongjo to shed new light on a historical event involving three generations of rulers in the Joseon Dynasty.

“The Throne” is based on an historical event in which King Yeongjo of the Joseon era executed his son Sado by locking him in a rice chest for eight days. The film, to be released on Sept. 16, stars Song Kang-Ho, Yoo Ah-in and So Ji-sub.

By Lee Hye-won (hyewonlee@heraldcorp.com)

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