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[V Report Plus] Winner surprises fans on V

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Updated : August 18 2015

Winner made a surprise broadcast on Naver’s V Monday to mark the K-pop boy group’s first anniversary.

(Naver V app)

During the live-streaming show, the members said, “We have one thing to celebrate. It has been one year since we made our debut last year. We thank you.”

They then talked about how each member was getting on.

Jinwoo and Taehyun said they were preparing for a Web-drama while Seungyoon said he recently finished a mini concert for his Web-drama “We broke up,” to mark 10 million views.

Other member Minho said, “We are working hard to make Winner’s next album.”

Lastly, the singers said they look forward to meeting their fans at the upcoming special show on Friday.

Winner made its debut on Aug. 17 last year on SBS’ music program “Inkigayo.”

Naver’s newly launched V app, which allows viewers to see stars’ day-to-day life and interact with them in real time, is now available on Android and iOS. Visit to download the latest segment.

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