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Kim Jong-kook asked about MERS in Hong Kong

  • Published : Jun 7, 2015 - 17:39
  • Updated : Jun 7, 2015 - 17:39

(Urbanworks Entertainment)
South Korean singer-actor Kim Jong-kook was asked questions regarding Middle East respiratory syndrome spreading across Korea as he visited Hong Kong without wearing a protective mask Saturday, Chinese news outlet Wangyiyule reported Sunday.

Kim, 39, was asked about the reason he did not put on a protective mask upon entering Hong Kong in an interview with the local media.

“Many of my fans here come out to get a glimpse of me. If I wear the mask, these people won‘t be able to get a clear sight of me. I don’t like it,” said Kim.

“I heard that people with a healthy immune system don‘t need to worry too much about MERS infection, and I’m being extra careful on the matter.” he added.

In the same interview, Kim expressed satisfaction with his moniker “Kim Joong-kook,” a combination of his surname and the Korean word for China which reflects his sky-high popularity in the nation, saying, “I‘ve heard that nickname a lot. Every time I visit China, I regard that as my real name. I like the nickname because it delivers a kind of intimacy between me and my Chinese fans.”

The 39-year-old Kim performed three songs, including “Today More Than Yesterday,” “One Man” and “Lovable” at the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival 2015 on Saturday.

By Hong Hye-jin (honghyejin@heraldcorp.com)