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BoA puts out music video of ‘Who Are You’

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Updated : May 06 2015


With a week left until the release of her eighth album, veteran K-pop soloist BoA introduced the music video for her self-written song “Who Are You” on Wednesday, featuring boy group EXO’s Sehun as the male lead.

The song offers a glimpse into the South Korean blind-dating culture called “sogye-ting.”

In the music video, BoA, reclining on a sofa, appears pleased when she receives a mobile message in which she gets asked if she would go for a blind date.

A chirpy ballad conveys the euphoric feelings of a girl who gets swept up into romantic fantasies as she gets ready for a blind date.

BoA is set to release all the tracks of her upcoming eighth EP “Kiss My Lips” on May 12.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

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