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Cross-dressing actor sparks ‘Yona Tint’ lipstick craze

  • Published : Feb 22, 2015 - 17:32
  • Updated : Feb 22, 2015 - 17:32

Actor Ji Sung has unexpectedly become a tastemaker of women’s beauty products as he plays Cha Do-hyun, who has six different identities due to a dissociative identity disorder, in MBC’s hit drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”


In the 13th episode, Cha becomes his sixth character, “Ahn Yo-na,” an extroverted, sassy teen girl. He wore a school uniform, a hair pin and pink lipstick.

Even though the scene aired only for a few seconds, the brand name of the lipstick swept most local online portal charts immediately after the episode ended.

The Marilyn Pink shade of Hera’s Sheer Holic Pop Tint, now better known as “Yona Tint,” has sold out after a 144 percent sales spike in department stores.

“After the episode ended, phone calls flooded in to inquire about the tint, and it was sold out within a few days,” a company representative said.