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Kim Woo-bin’s new movie plagued by legal suit

  • Published : Jan 8, 2015 - 15:21
  • Updated : Jan 8, 2015 - 15:21

Actor Kim Woo-bin’s new movie “The Con Artists” is getting embroiled in an unexpected controversy with an extra filing a lawsuit against the production company.

(Trinity Entertainment)

While shooting a scene in a club in April, three extras and one of the main cast fell when the glass stage shattered. The plaintiff, an extra identified by the surname Cho, claims that the shooting went on without medical care being provided.

In filing the complaint, Cho accused the CEO of the production company Trinity Entertainment and two of the producers of negligence and violating the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Cho claims that shooting for more than 15 hours without being treated resulted in injuries to the back, neck and legs requiring 24 weeks to fully recover.

Cho also claims that although the Korea Worker’s Compensation and Welfare Service acknowledging the incident as an industrial accident, the production company has not made reparations.

The company, for its part, refuted the claims saying that the offer of medical attention was refused by Cho.

Company officials told local news services that Cho was given treatment available at the location, and that the company covered the costs of treatment Cho later received.

The company also argues that Cho had initially agreed that the injuries were minor but later claimed that 24 weeks of medical attention was needed.

According to reports citing an unnamed witness, it was a minor incident in which the actors fell about 50 centimeters to the ground when the glass floor broke.

The witness was also quoted as saying that an extra who sustained cuts to her leg was immediately transferred to a hospital and that Cho refused to go to a hospital.