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K-pop idols to take college entry exam

  • Published : Nov 11, 2014 - 18:55
  • Updated : Nov 11, 2014 - 18:55


Autumn may come as a relief for those who detest the summer heat, but for high school seniors, November brings the dreaded college entrance exam, or Suneung.

Teenage K-pop idols are among the students swotting up for the exam.

But of the slew of idols entitled to take this year’s Suneung, only a few decided to take it.

Apink's Oh Ha-young (OSEN)

Girl group Apink’s Oh Ha-young, boy band B.A.P member Zelo and GOT7 member Youngjae will take the exam.

But not all of them are seriously considering studying in college, at least for now.

“Zelo takes the exam but will not go straight to university,” said an official from B.A.P‘s label TS Entertainment.

B.A.P's Zelo (Instagram)

Zelo did not apply for university in any other way to keep a low profile.

Some take the exam to give closure to their their high school years, even though they were not able revise enough due to their hectic showbiz schedules.

“It means something that Oh Ha-young is taking the exam, as she is 19 years old,” said a source from A CUBE Entertainment.

Many of other K-pop stars chose to focus on their careers without taking the exam. Among them are Girl group Red Velvet’s Joy, AOA’s Chanmi and Hello Venus’ Yeoreum.

Three YG Entertainment musicians -- Akdong Musician member Lee Chan-hyuk, rookie vocalist Lee Hi and soon-to-debut iKON’s B.I -- are also eligible to take the exam. The agency refused to reveal which of their artists will sit for the test.

This year’s college entry exam will be held nationwide Thursday.